Custom Work

Our store offers a variety of apparel decoration options for customers that are looking for great quality and quick results

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  • Embroidery

    We have offered embroidery services since our opening in 2013. Our embroidery is very high quality and we work with our customers to make the designs to their liking.

    • Our customers either bring in their own artwork (in a standard image file format, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF) or we can work with them to create a design from scratch
    • We can supply the apparel or the customer may also bring in their own apparel or items to get embroidered
    • No minimum quantity orders!
    • Fast turn-around!
    • Amazing quality!
    • Competitive pricing!

    If you are interested in our embroidery services, please contact us by:

    Phone: 713-532-2177